Frequently Asked Questions

Add/Delete Notes

How can I add more notes?
Based on the common feedback received from the users we are currently providing 3 notes per folder.

How can I delete note?
You can delete the text from the note or hide the note itself which you don't want to see.
1) To clear the text, select the note, click dropdown arrow on bottom right of the note, then click on clear.
2) To hide the note, go to dropdown arrow present in the folder tab and untick the note you want to hide.

How can I add image in the note?
Currently, this functionality is not supported.

Drag / Layout / Position / Zoom

I want to keep the popup open all the time even when I click outside the popup.
If you want to open the extension all the time you can open the popup in a new tab. Chrome does not allow an extension to be open when clicked outside the popup. .

How can I drag the popup?
Chrome does not support this functionality for the popup.However , you can open the note in new tab and drag it anywhere

I want to open the popup in the left not right.
Sorry, Chrome does not support this functionality.

My extension is zoomed. How do I reset it?
Open the popup in new tab and reset zoom to 100% in the new tab. Now, if you open popup it will not be zoomed.

Backup / Pricing/ Discount / Premium features/ Cancellation

What are the benefits of being a premium member?
- Access to premium themes
- Use all 9 notes without wait time
- Ability to use bold ,   italic ,   underline ,   strikethrough   and    • list in notes
- Automatic daily backup
- Premium support
- Early access to new features

Where is my data backed up and how can I see it?
Your data is securely stored on Google's firestore database. To restore the data, just log in. To backup data, just click backup.

Can you explain to me how does pricing work?
Original price is $9.99/month. If you apply coupon it will reduce the price per month. For example, if you have coupon like UKIVOFF75 which reduces the price by 75% for 6 months and 50% afterward, you will pay $2.49/month for the first 6 months and after that $4.99 per month.

Is there any special discount for students?
Yes, just email us from your student mail id to

Is there any bulk discount?
Yes, just email us at

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can manage your subscription by visiting the links given in the email received from fastspring. Or just visit THIS LINK

Suggestion / Help

How do I suggest new features?
You can mail us at

I have some problem with the extension. How do I report?
You can mail us at along with screenshots and explanation.

Need help or want to suggest a new feature? Contact us now at